Friday, November 19, 2010

NY Villans Update Premiership Week 14 - Announcing a new pub for match watching.

The Man United game last week pulled us through the whole spectrum of emotion. After seeing the team sheet before the game I thought we were screwed then the young lions started to roar and for a moment it looked like the win was there only to be cruelly snatched away. It was odd coming out of the pub afterwords I should have been devastated but in fact I was quite inspired. The sheer talent and hunger of our kids is a marvelous sight, Albrighton and Bannan fearless and composed. Jonathan Hogg making his debut in difficult circumstances more than up for the challenge. After so many years of hearing how great our reserves and academy are, we are finally getting to witness it ourselves.

This week our kids face an always difficult trip to Ewood Park. Blackburn very much in the news today after being taken over by an Indian family, it's hard to know if this will boost or distract the side ahead of Sunday's encounter but have no doubt that Allardyce will have them well prepared as we play them for the 6th time since January. Villa have another injury concern over the fitness of James Collins but Gabby, Clark and Dunne are expected to be available. It'll also be interesting to see if there is a place in the match day squad for new acquisition Robert Pires. This one is live on Fox Soccer Plus Sunday morning at 8:30am Eastern.

Now for some news on the local coverage front, as those of you following my updates will know, we have gone through an interesting 6 months for football in New York. Following a number of disputes long time footy mecca Nevada Smiths fell out of favour. Since this happened we have been watching games with our mate who was at Nevada's Kieron Slattery in a pub called Lunasa. Last week we learned that Jack Keane is building a new football hub for the city in a massive venue called Legends on the South side of 33rd street a few doors from 5th Avenue. After the United game myself and John went up there to chat with Jack and take the tour. The venue itself is pretty stunning the main bar is rather large with a sizable dining area, above it is a lavish balcony area all with excellent views of the many screens strewn about. Downstairs is where I expect most of the action will happen, a open space for about 2-250 people. A large variety of beer is on hand along with plenty of food including the Jack Keane sandwich (rashers, sausage, pudding, eggs and cheese) each one will take about 3 months off your life expectancy. Although things are only just kicking off Jack has solid plans for transitioning the bar to a football palace starting with the gradual replacement of memorabilia around the venue and the addition of permanent flags for each supporters group to be hug from the ceiling. It's both exciting and relieving to see a final resolution to the venue issue. Kieron however remains at Lunasa for the time being and we will for the near future be dividing our time between both establishments. As for Legends there will be an opening party for NYC football fans on Monday the 22nd at 7pm, come on over and check the place out for yourselves or better come enjoy the Blackburn game there on Sunday morning.

Other Villa news Barry Bannan is the latest in our crop of rising talent to put pen to paper signing a new contract that'll keep him at Villa Park until 2014. Barry earned his first international cap playing for Scotland against the Faroe Islands midweek.

In what seems like an odd move but in my opinion is a clever one, Gerrard Houllier has picked up former Arsenal and France star Robert pies on a free transfer the World Cup and Euro Championship winner is getting a little long in the tooth at 37 but will not only bring bags of experience to the team but also is sure to have a great influence on our kids. I also expect the manager brought him in preparation of adding a number of other french player to the squad. By the time the window comes around pires will be familiar with the club and the city helping any other new acquisition settle in.

One an even more bizarre note comes the news that Moustapha Salifou a veteran of Togolese bus conflicts slapped around a journalist while on international duty. Details are in short supply but as reported Salifou took exception to some comments the journalist made about his personal life and worked him over on the team bus with the help of a goalkeeper. No comment has yet to come from the club or the player but with an attitude like that he should really be present at all club press conferences and post match interviews.

Up the Villa!

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Hello to the NYC Villans, my fiancee and I are coming to New York from Birmingham UK (just down the road from Villa Park)on the 9th December and i was hoping to watch the match against West Bromwich Albion on 11th December with some fellow Villans. if you can let me know where you are watching the game i will do my best to find it and join you all for a beer or two. My Email is I look forward to hearing from you. Up the Villa