Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NY Villans Update - Premiership Week 36

Coverage update, today's game against Hull is live on Fox Soccer Plus for any of you who might have it. I have a subscription and would recommend it if you like to watch footy at your desk or on the road.

Sunday is once again a derby day against Small Heath at the absurd hour of 7am Eastern since PC Plod seems to think that Villa and Blues fans will hold hands and dance down the road together in peace and harmony if you take away their Sunday lie-in and schedule kick-off for noon. Instead it gives more time for running skirmishes after the game before people get tired and go to bed, not that there's ever any trouble following these games. Anyhow this one is also on the cursed Fox Soccer Plus that most people don't have, on that note I'd love to know if anyone actually receives FSC in HD, let me know as it's definetly not available in NYC although they tease us by sticking a big dirty HD symbol in the corner whilst we strain our eyes at the blurry picture to assertain whether we are watching Garreth Bale play for Tottenham or a documentary on very ugly chimpanzees or both.

Those of you in and around NYC, as you'll know from previous emails we have started watching games at Lunasa to show our support for Kieron, however I spoke with him on Sunday and he said we should head to Nevada's to watch the Blues game as he wont be able to open Lunasa that early. So back to Nevada Smiths we go for this one and hopefully loads of you can make it as John always fears a bus load of Blues fans will randomly turn up for one of these games, I expect having recently escaped from a maximum security rapist prison upstate.

A couple of shout outs are in order, firstly supporters club Doug Ellis esq chairman Steven Lanham was off in Boston last weekend where he ran the Marathon in a leisurely 3 hours and 11 minutes. Great job Steve and only joking about the leisurely business.

Finally some of you will know Bill Hupp who has been watching games with us for a couple of seasons, well Bill recently bounced from NYC back home to Chicago where he'll joining Barsky, Nibblett and those other Chicago Villa gangsters at Gingers, best of luck Bill below is a message he wanted me to pass on to everyone:

"Rather unexpectedly, I've left NYC and moved back to my native Chicago. It was just the right time for me personally and professionally.

The thing I will miss most about the Big Apple is the tremendous supporters' club that Villa has. Back in July of 2008, I was a young lad who loved football but knew little about the Premier League. I decided that I wanted to follow a team, and for a variety of reasons, chose Villa. But you didn't judge me for not being born and bred rooting for the claret and blue. You merely accepted my fandom and allowed me to contribute my voice to the occasional chant. By the end of my stay there, I was showing up to Mulligan's in Hoboken by myself in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon to cheer on the Villans.

Now when people ask me why I follow Villa, I list the fantastic supporters' club I found in NYC as one of my primary motivations. I'm "Villa 'til I die", and I have your kindness and passion for one of the best football clubs in Europe to thank for that.

I'll be back in NYC every so often, and hopefully I'll catch a match when I am.

Until then, Up the Villa.


Some other quick news, Fabian Delph has sustained a nasty knee injury that will be keeping the promising young star out of action for 8 months or more, terrible news for the young lad and we wish him the best of luck in his recovery.

Celtic and Rangers are considering playing a "friendly" in Boston this summer, which is probably the worst idea since unspeakable Villa Carling Cup final song.

John Terry is still a prick and I hope he snags a nut on a rusty nail.

Angel scored twice for the Red Bulls on the weekend the second was a penalty after missing one earlier, the aging Villan is still doing the business but Juan feel free to see me for some penalty taking tips.

That is all, up the Villa.

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