Thursday, April 08, 2010

NY Villans Update - 2010 FA Cup Semi Final

Déjà vu much? It doesn't seem that long ago we were at Wembley and less so getting stuffed by Chelsea in the league and this Saturday we combine the two, hopefully without the stuffing part.

Before I dive into the match preview I have a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT to make: Due to recent events the NYVillans will not be watching this game at Nevada Smith's choosing instead to join many other supporters groups at an alternative venue Lunasa. It's a long story.

To break it down very quickly: Nevada Smiths got fined by the city, instead of taking it on the chin part-owner Paddy McCarthy forced the bartenders to pay it out of their own pockets. When Kieron and Ken refused he fired them, when Kieron ignored this Paddy had him arrested. Other owner of the bar Tom McCarthy has taken the side of the staff and wants them reinstated however Paddy refuses saying he couldn't give a shit about the staff and that the supporters will still come anyways. The supporters and regulars however aren't quite as sheepish as he would like to think. A petition with signatures and comments from 400 customers was sent to Paddy today demanding the staff be reinstated. Until then we are joining the other regulars and Supporters Clubs in taking our business to the other bar owned by Tom McCarthy where Kieron is working. Got that? Great! Lunasa is located at 126 First Avenue Between 7th street & St Marks place, come down Saturday and show your support, not just for the Villa but for the two lads screwed over. Also check out the Facebook page:

Back to the game, live Saturday at noon on Fox Soccer Channel. Our previous encounter didn't go according to plan, as I mentioned earlier we were stuffed, I've never seen a Villa side collapse like that and they have a lot to answer for but here is a golden chance to make ammends. It's been an odd two weeks since that thumping and with some absurd press speculation taking center stage the team will be eager to make a statement on the pitch. After a less than hectic couple of weeks we can expect to see a bit more energy from the lads and the return of Gabby to the lineup will definetly give Chelsea cause for concern. Doubts surround the fitness of Richard Dunne after picking up a knock this week in training so hopefully he'll pull through to start the game.

In other news the reserves are on the brink of winning the league again with a game against Fulham next week. This weeks game a 1-1 draw against Arsenal saw the return of Nigel Reo Coker from injury. Reo played the full 90 minutes and his return will be a great boost to the squad ahead of our end of season push. The Youth team are today playing Newcastle in the cup semi final so plenty happening through the different levels at the club.

A couple of people have headed over for Saturday's game, hope you bring us luck lads. If anybody else is thinking of traveling over for a game let us know as there's always events and specials being put on for vising fans, especially for the final home game of the season against Blackburn a month from tomorrow.
Our member, friend and dodgy Arthur Daly esq peddler of exquisite sporting goods Andrew is doing a special on his remaining stock of this seasons Villa shirts, he has:

Villa Home

Small - 2 left
Medium - 1 left
XL - 2 left

Villa Away

Small - left
small with DUNNE 5 - 1 left
XL - 1 left

$44 a piece and authentic name/number printing is available at a bargain price, give him a call on 201-533-8900 he'll ship anywhere in the US and now owes me a $9 pint of whatever tasteless crap they are selling at Red Bull Arena for plugging his business.

Also Ben McCools awesome comic series "Choker" continues to be a big hit at news stands with issues #1 ad #2 selling out: congrats Ben and remember to keep your pale Brummie skin out of the sun.

Thats all folks, thanks for your support and hopefully the team will have us smiling this weekend.

Up the Villa!

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