Friday, March 26, 2010

NY Villans Update - Premiership Week 32

Sorry for the lack of recent reports folk I've been a little bit lazy. Shocking news and delightful engulfed the NY Villans this week after we discovered the closure and speedy reopening of our home sweet home Nevada Smiths. Nevada's where the supporters club was originally founded has been hanging on by a thread for many years due to a certain academic institutions desire to demolish the building and erect another soul-less dormitory in the area. Well we thought the number was up on Wednesday when the bar was shut by court order only to be greeted by the sweet news that it had reopened last night. It's inevitable that Nevada's will have to move sooner or later but I for one would dearly love to at least finish out the season and World Cup in America's finest footy drinking establishment.

Speaking of Nevada Smith's we will be at that hallowed spot this Saturday for the league fixture against Chelsea, if you have never been in or haven't stopped by for a while make it your business to come down for the 11am kick-off.

Live coverage for this game appears to be on "ESPN Classic" at 11am Eastern Time. Please correct me if I'm wrong so I can let people know.

Very quickly we have access to some Wembley tickets for the FA Cup Semi Final on April 10th against Chelsea (again). If anyone wishes to travel over and take in the game you will need to let us know by Monday or they will be offered to another Supporters Club. Please note: These tickets are only for supporters club members traveling over from the US and not to send to friends/relatives back in Brum. Obviously first come first served so don't book flights until you get the tickets.

The Red Bull Arena opened just across the river from new York last week and I must say I'm bloody impressed the facility is fantastic and the team looks to be playing some good football. It promises to be a great season coming up and if you are in the area or visiting NYC anytime soon I recommend catching a game out there.

If you haven't noticed I failed to mention anything about recent results, well that's because my blood has been boiling over the attitude of some Villa "supporters" who feel it's better to boo a team than encourage them. I've said it many times we have some of the best fans in football, our away support is second to none but at the same time I believe Villa also has the worst fans in the game. They only rear their ugly heads and get vocal when the team are against the wall and until we can root them out or shut them up they will always bring the club down with them. they have this attitude that "I pay my money, I'm entitled to my opinion". I'm sorry if you sit in Villa park abusing players over every misplaced pass and are silent when we are playing well then you are not a supporter but a detractor and should be sitting in the Away fan section with a foot firmly stuck up yer arse.

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