Thursday, May 14, 2009

NY Villans Update - Premiership Week 37

So another season comes to an end. Last year we were left waiting until the last day hoping we could stay above Blackburn and clinch the Intertoto Cup spot, this season having already qualified for Europe we have considerably less to play for over the last few games and it shows. The second half performance against Fulham last week was nothing short of lethargic (that may be the first time I've ever used that term) our players were physically at Craven Cottage for the game but unfortunately for us their minds were already in Tel Aviv, Zante, Saint Tropez, Basingstoke or whatever fancy location professional footballers spend their summer months. 

There's no guarantee that this weekends fixture against Middlesbrough will be any different. Boro who lost to Newcastle on Monday night are now on the brink of relegation a loss against us and a result for the Geordies at home to Fulham will send Gareth Southgates side into the gloomy depths of the Championship. Their only real hope for survival is to nick something off us then hope we do them a favour in our final fixture against Newcastle. Selfishly I hope that's exactly how it pans out. 

I have no real affection or dislike for either side but beating Boro on Saturday will effectively end the premiership season a week early, especially if Hull fail to overcome Bolton. In that case there's a chance that the only item to be decided on the final day of the season will be the burning question of who will finish 7th. Bollocks to that I want the season to finish on an exciting end and what better way to do that than have Villa host Newcastle in a game that decides if the Geordies stay up or fall into the Abyss. That is why my preferred result for Saturday is a draw. 

Villa vs Boro is live on Setanta Sports Xtra at 10am EST. For those of you going to the pub the Newcastle vs Fulham game will be shown alongside ours on plain old regular Setanta Sports, should be exciting but alas I'll be in Newport Rhode island for the weekend, if anyone knows a spot I can catch the action up there, then please let me know.

In other news...

As expected Stiliyan Petrov was the recipient of both the Supporters and Players Player of the year awards at the clubs annual awards dinner on Tuesday night. Other awards we handed out to John Carew for goal of the season and Nathan Delfouneso for young player of the season. Personally I would like to see the whole event spiced up with the introduction of awards for failure where players are publicly humiliated for their mistakes. Suggestions:
The Savo Milosevic award for miss of the season.
The David James award for utter incompetence.
The Bosko Balaban shit signing award.
For those supporters lucky enough to attend the highlight of the night was John Carew's acceptance speech in which he said that without the fans support the players would probably be working at McDonald's except for Heskey who's haircut suggests he'd be working in a kebab shop.

Another year, another movie to promote, another opportunity for fellow US Villa supporter Tom Hanks to publicly profess his love for the team. Last year he was dancing down the red carpet with a scarf, this year he's talking to Johnathan Ross: about a minute into the video.
Very amusing interview, Tom playing up the American soccer "fan" stereotype. Almost like a accurate portrayal of you typical Nevada's Arsenal fan. Have no doubts he knows a lot more than he's admitting to but he's paid to act and entertain not provide football punditry.

Speaking of Pundits, FSC's very own Steven Cohen landed himself in deep water with local Liverpool fans after it emerged he made some controversial comments about the Hillsborough disaster on his radio show. I'm not a fan of Cohen, he's always talked a load of rubbish and this is no exception especially considering the timing as Liverpool fans were commemorating the 20th anniversary of the disaster. In all fairness as a radio host you fully expect ignorant and controversial opinions to be spouted, that's what drives your ratings and Liverpool fans were fully entitled to feel upset. Unfortunately doing themselves no favours it appears that a number of Liverpool fans decided it was a smart idea rather than join the majority in boycotting Cohen's show to instead send him Death threats, threaten his family, send ani-semetic remarks and threats to burn down his house. Rather embarrassing on both sides and counter productive to the continued growth and promotion of the game over here.

Once again we are faced with a slew of worthless transfer rumours, this weeks batch are heavily focused on players going out and are probably not worth the bother of me typing them out. First up apparently AC Milan and Man UTD are interested in Garreth Barry, well that is according to some Villa players mingling with fans at the awards dinner. Barry himself did not attend due to illness (he's was suffering from an acute aversion to questions from fans over his future). Next up Craig Gardner to Birmingham City for 2.5 million, complete rubbish in my opinion, I like Gardner hard worker naturally gifted and able to play in a number of positions, we would be mad to let him go. Finally the usual Ashley Young link, this time it's Chelsea with suggestions that he will be supposed new coach Carlo Ancelotti’s main target. Thanks for the interest Roman we will take 20 Million plus Joe Cole and Malouda.

Finally Martin O'Neill has been warned by the FA over his future conduct for lashing out at rubbish ref Mike Riley following Villa's 3-2 defeat to Man United. it is understood that Martin accused Riley of exchanging frilly knickers and being erotically spanked by Alex Ferguson during half time which under article 13 sub category 4 of the revised FA regulations by A.Ferguson is perfectly acceptable behavior provided one of the participants is Alex Ferguson.

Up the Villa!


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