Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New York Villans Newsletter
Feb. 21, 2007

Hello again from the New York Villans! Hope you're all keeping busy as we patiently await the next fixture. I believe this is Villa's longest break between games since World War II, when the league shut down for seven years and Teddy Sheringham was still playing for Millwall. But our March 3 visit to Craven Cottage is just around the corner. Until then, we'll have to find something else to watch, like perhaps re-runs of "When Animals Attack" on the Discovery Channel. And speaking of "When Animals Attack", does anyone know what
Craig Bellamy has been up to lately?

Well despite the layoff, things continue to roll on for the New York Villans. As Steve reported, the fine folks at Aston Villa FC are working on a story about us to be included in the Arsenal match day program (3/14), as well as on the official club Website. The club will also be sending us membership cards, which Steve will distribute as soon as he receives them.

But the big news of late was Aston Villa's announcement that they will in fact be coming to the States for a pre-season tour this summer. Dates and locations are still to be determined, but where ever the games take place, we will make every effort to organize group travel and ticket arrangements. As one of the only official U.S supporters clubs, we expect to be the main beneficiaries of the tour. This will, at the least, allow us to attend practice sessions and gain access to preferred match tickets. We will also make every effort to meet the players and staff of the club.

Back on the home front, we had a great turn-out at Nevada Smiths on Feb. 3 for the West Ham game, where we delighted at John Carew's first goal with the club and a 1-0 victory. And we also had a surprisingly strong showing on Feb. 10, when many of you dragged yourselves out of bed for the 7:45am kickoff against Reading . Unfortunately Villa were not as industrious, as they sleepwalked through a 2-0 defeat.

Meanwhile, we continue to get e-mails from various Villa supporters from various parts of the US and the world. Some are new fans, some are life-long fans now living in the States, and some are frequent visitors to the area looking for a place to watch Villa with like-minded supporters. We'll surely keep everyone in the loop and, with any luck, meet all of them at Villa matches on American soil this summer (wearing our newly designed Nike kits that hopefully do NOT bear the "32Red" logo).

But for everyone in the New York area, we'll see you at Nevada Smiths on March 3rd for the Fulham game. Up the Villa!!!!!! (and come on Hull City against the Blues this weekend!)

Bob W.
Feb. 21, 2007

PS: Here's an entertaining Villa site I came across recently that was started by a couple of Cleveland Browns fans in Ohio :

And for those of you who didn't hear this on World Soccer Daily a couple months back, go to the link below and click on "Becky Wants To Be a Footballer's Wife". It's a recording of an 8-year-old Irish girl making a prank call to Everton Football Club. Hilarious!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Villa Comin' to America!!!

For those of you who didn't receive Steve's e-mail, here is an excerpt...

"Some of you may have already come across this news, but for those who haven't, the pre-season tour of the U.S has been confirmed! The dates and locations are as yet to be confirmed, but where ever the games take place, we will try to organize some sort of group travel arrangements. As one of the only official U.S supporters clubs, we will do everything we can to get some sort of benefits from the tour. We will at the very least be able to attend practice sessions and get access to decent match tickets. On top of this, every effort will be made to meet the players and staff of A.V.F.C."

Steve also reported that the club will be running a story on us in the Arsenal match day program, which we'll try to get a copy of. The same story will appear on Villa's official Website. The club are also sending membership cards for us, which will be distributed as soon as Steve receives them.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Villa away to Reading

Ugh, the horrors of the 7:45 am kick off especially when you have to drag your ass out of that warm bed and venture into the icy New York morning, if you didn't do it for the Villa, who would you do it for? So the game is live in Nevada Smiths and we will be there as always hoping to grab a valuable 3 points just like last week. The reserves won 7-1 during the week, even if it would be asking a bit too much for the 1st team to pull off a result like that there is now a great competition for places in the squad, something we haven't had in a while. See you there, and don't forget the copious amounts of coffee!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Villa at home to West Ham

After the midweek horror at Newcastle, Villa with it's new recruits need to take tree points at home against a poor West Ham side. New signing Shaun Maloney is in the squad for the first time since our last minute transfer window capture off Celtic joining him will be the new Martin Laursen who we hope has condemned his knee trouble to history. Carew and Young will most certainly make their home debut so expect to see few empty seats in Villa Park. The game is live in Nevada Smiths Saturday at 10am, see you all there!